Sky Villa Boutique Hotel


To be recognised as the leading South African hospitality brand that consists of a luxurious portfolio of establishments, which are unique in their offerings, are sustainable and advantageous for our people, the environment, and the communities in which they operate.


To ensure that we are the market leaders and innovators within the hospitality industry.
To be constantly researching new trends
To promote responsible and sustainable tourism
To create a work culture where our employees from all walks of life flourish in their careers and personal lives
To ensure each GUEST who leaves any of our establishments does so with a sense of fulfilment

Vision, Mission & Values


To be creative in the way we operate, constantly evolving our product and always discovering new opportunities.

We provide a dedicated service not only to our GUESTS but also our peers, family, and brand.

We recognise and appreciate that all who come through our doors be it interns, employees or GUESTS, come from diverse backgrounds. This diversity is what makes us unique, we appreciate that we can learn from each person.

Honesty & Transparency
We will be truthful and transparent to each other and thereby deliver an honest service to our GUESTS, colleagues, and our shareholders

We will endeavour to give our time and energy to those less fortunate than ourselves. We believe and appreciate that small acts of kindness directed at those we work with, those we serve and the communities we are part of, will make a significant positive impact on their lives

We recognise that we are an asset to the company and are the heart of the business, by embracing this we will ensure that we will work productively and efficiently always with the best interests of the brand at heart.